When Death Knocks at the 
Schoolhouse Door

A Reproducible Guide for Elementary School Teachers and Counselors To Use with Grieving Children

pic_when_death_knocksWhen Death Knocks at the Schoolhouse Door  is a useful tool in helping elementary-age children cope with death following a crisis.  Many hospices, grief centers, and play therapists also find this resource guide useful in their work as well. Using this book's reproducible activity sheets, young children learn about death, how to identify and begin to cope with their feelings of loss and grief, and how to express their feelings in healthy ways.

37 pages, ISBN 0-9652410-2-5, 1997, $25.00

What Professionals Are Saying about
When Death Knocks at the Schoolhouse Door:

"What sensitive materials for fostering communication between schools, parents, and children about such an important topic!  The author uses many interesting ways to express ideas for children of different ages.  When Death Knocks at the Schoolhouse Door is certainly a lighthouse for a dark and difficult time."
Virgina Heacox, MA
Elementary School Teacher

"As someone who works with children adjusting to life after the death of a loved one, I believe this unique book is an invaluable tool for teachers, counselors, and parents in helping young people work through their grief.  We use these special materials in our youth services program, 'Kids Who Kare,' at The Christi Center."
Susan P. Cox, Executive Director
For the Love of Christi, Inc.