Memories Live Forever

Written and Illustrated by Children for Children and 
Young Adolescents

pic_memoriesMemories Live Forever, a workbook for grieving children, is very popular in elementary and middle schools, grief and counseling centers, hospices, bereavement camps,  and homes.  This engaging book teaches young children and adolescents about death and their feelings of grief while serving as a place for them to save special memories of the person who died.  Memories Live Forever works well with individual children, with families to open up communication about death, and with groups of grieving children.  It is also available in Spanish, Los Recuerdos Viven Eternamente.

33 pages, ISBN 0-9652410-0-9, 1995, $5.00

What Professionals Are Saying About
Memories Live Forever:

"This resource provides a safe, nurturing way to encourage children to mourn in loving ways.  To actively participate in 'memory work' is one of the most central needs of bereaved children.  Any child who experiences the death of someone loved will be able to hold the memories inspired by this resource close to his heart for years to come."
Alan C. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Loss and Life Transition
Author of Healing the Bereaved Child

"This is a vitally needed book that helps children through the necessary process of grief.  The pages are filled with activities, text, and poems that guide children through memories and feelings.  This process encourages them to share their feelings with someone who cares about them.  I highly recommend that this book be used by all who work with bereaved children."
Trudy Post-Sprunk, LMFT, LPC, RPT-S
Past President, International Association for Play Therapy, Inc.