Healing Hearts -
Therapeutic Grief Games

Games for Counselors and Other Adults To Help Children and Adolescents Learn about the Grief Journey

pic_healing_heartsEngaging games for counselors, play therapists, bereavement specialists, other helping professionals and adults to use with children who have experienced a loss. Healing Hearts encourages children to talk about their feelings and experiences while learning about the journey through grief.  These therapeutic games, which can be played with children one-on-one or in groups, are a powerful stimulant for getting children to talk openly about their grief.

22 by 22 inches, 1998, $40.00

Alternative Card Sets for Healing Hearts
In addition to the standard set of game cards dealing with grief and loss associated with death, twelve alternative sets of game cards focusing on other areas of grief and loss are available for use with the Healing Hearts game board. 
Each set is $5.00

Divorce Murder
Relocation Trauma
Serious Illness Suicide
Pet Loss   Sexual Abuse
Foster Care/Adoption
Incarcerated Parents
Domestic Violence
Physical Impairment

What Professionals Are Saying About Healing Hearts:

"This unique, non-competitive game offers grieving children the opportunity to explore their feelings and consider the challenges created by their loss while anticipating new beginnings.  Sharon Rugg has again given us a professional and valuable tool for working with bereaved children."
Trudy Post-Sprunk, LMFT, LPC, RPT-S
Past President, International Association for Play Therapy, Inc.

"I absolutely love and treasure Healing Hearts!  It's incredible!  It worked so beautifully with a child whose mother died a few weeks ago.  This child would never have opened up to me without this wonderful game.  The questions are provocative enough, but not intrusive.  It's perfect!"
Sherry Feldstein, Ph.D.
School Counselor