Our Cancer Family Playbook:
Activities to Help Our Children Cope

For children and their families where a family member has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  This book includes not only a parent's guide, but also over 50 pages of activities to encourage communication among family members and to help prepare children for the inevitable loss of a loved one.

58 pages, ISBN 0-9652410-5-X, 2003, $25.00


What professionals are saying about Our Cancer Family Playbook: Activities to Help Our Chidlren Cope:

"This book offers remarkable methods of communication for families facing a terminal illness. Children use play to work through tough issues, and Sharon Rugg again has found a way to incorporate play in the work that chidlren do, in order to adjust to like's challenges."

Karen L. Carney, RN, LCSW, CT Author/Illustrator, Barklay and Eve Series of Coloring and Activity Books