Our ALS Family Playbook:
Activities to Help Our Children Cope

For children and their families where a family member has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerhigs Disease).  This book includes parent's guide as well as over 50 pages of activities to encourage communication among family members and to help prepare children for the inevitable loss of a loved one.

52 pages, ISBN 0-9652410-3-3, 2003, $25.00

What Professionals are saying about Our ALS Family Playbook:

"It's a must for families with young children who are coping with ALS.  This sensitive approach to helping children understand and respond appropriately to a very serious and eventually fatal illness is a tremendous resource for everyone in the ALS community.  The book is designed for children 12 and under, but can be adapted for older children and even adults who are struggling with the impact of ALS on family life and personal relationships.  Included in the book are many excellent activities to help children identify and express their emotions during the journey with ALS, including plays, arts and crafts, and writing suggestions.  The guide for parents and the workbook for children will be quite helpful for successful living with ALS.  I highly recommend this book as part of a library for your ALS community, as well as providing it to every family with younger children."

Susan Constantine, Executive Director
The ALS Association of Georgia, Inc.

"Our ALS Family Playbook is an invaluable resource for hospice professionals and parents concerned about children impacted by terminal illness.  Sharon Rugg's use of metaphoric play and creative storytelling is a stimulus for children to express their deepest feelings and concerns.  As a hospice worker, I use this resource in my work and am grateful that it exists.

Kateri Mielnicki-Simmons, LCSW, LCM
Hospice Social Worker